Bitrump, the leading cryptocurrency exchange of UAE, is witnessing a consistent trading volume surge after the record high sign up spree during the last few months. Many users are registering on their platform, and Bitrump has reported a huge trading volume surge, owing to its user base globally.

What Makes Bitrump Stand out From the Rest?

The leading cryptocurrency exchange of UAE is recognized for its scalable trading experience and superior trading features. Bitrump enables the users to harness the scalability of the Crypto exchange and experience seamless trading.

It comes with integrated security ensuring seamless data transmission along with encrypted transport layer security and offline connectivity. Its two-factor authentication process for withdrawal rules and alterations in the account settings help users carry out smooth trading activities in a safe and secure ecosystem. Highlighted below are some of the features that make this cryptocurrency exchange stand out from the rest:

  • Wide assortment of Crypto trading pairs
  • Two-factor authentication for authorization of changes and withdrawal in account settings.
  • Key encryption and multi-signature Technology improves the security of cold wallets, thereby ensuring high liquidity of cryptocurrency assets given to its users.
  • Instant AML and KYC verification for users.

Apart from its scalable and innovative trading offerings and options, the leading cryptocurrency exchange of UAE comes with the best trading experience.

Bitrump has experienced a zealous boost in the trading volume and activity during the last few months from the users worldwide with constant registration from new users.

Planning to expand the Asset portfolio by adding more utility tokens to the platform, Bitrump also offers lucrative advantages through its exchange affiliate programs, thereby supporting major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more. With that being stated, 99.5% of Bitrump’s user assets remain stored safely in cold storage guarded with multi-signature security.


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