The UAE-based digital assets trading platform Bitrump is offering lucrative benefits to global enterprises via its recognized exchange affiliate program. Well-known for its sophisticated trading features along with smooth trading experience, Bitrump’s affiliate program enables the participants to harness the scalability of the trading platform along with its contributing features of a global order using the same to their advantage.

Affiliate programs have inherent profitability attached to them, but here Bitrump has amplified the benefits with the efficacy of its fee structure and a remarkable revenue sharing percentage. The unhindered connectivity of the exchange with other major trading platforms enables global order matching, which enhances the sustainability of the affiliate program.

“We want to create meaningful relations with our affiliates and users and extend the same to the individuals and business enterprises that are interested in starting their very own cryptocurrency venture. Bitrump’s affiliate program is designed with that in mind. We want to promote and advance with a collaborative approach driving the growth of the crypto industry”, commented Xavier Perry, the Director of Bitrump.

Exchange Affiliate Program by Bitrump

Bitrump offers the affiliate participant an intuitive crypto trading interface with its very own brand identity. The global order book of the affiliated crypto exchange displays all the offers available on the Bitrump platform, including the ones mentioned across global exchanges along with the other Bitrump affiliate exchanges.

Participation in the exchange affiliate program is conditional on the enterprise or individual’s promotion of the exchange to draw-in new users. The users of the affiliated exchange can make trade offers either there or within the Bitrump platform. The offer taker and the maker each get a commission as per the fee structure which is disbursed on a monthly basis.

All reports concerning the users, including their payment schedules, fees, etc. get generated through an advanced trade reporting module attached to the account.


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