DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, March 12, 2020: — Bitrump, the cryptocurrency exchange trading platform and customizable white label solutions provider, just added 100k users on its exchange platform. The UAE based exchange uses a multi-signature cryptocurrency trading platform and provides its users with cybersecurity features with compliance levels at par with bank transfers. These enhanced cybersecurity features protect users from hackers and data theft.

The UAE market has a large pool of investors who are looking at new investment opportunities away from the real estate sector, which is fraught with volatility. The UAE government has ushered in new initiatives in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors. The government had earlier launched the EMCASH, a cryptocurrency to facilitate a payment system for school fees and governmental services in the emirate. There is huge potential for growth in trading for crypto-based assets and many investors have adopted them as a viable long term investment option and a means to diversify their holdings.

Why Choose Bitrump?

The company uses its trusted white label software and associated architecture to facilitate smooth Know your customer (KYC) and implement AML (Anti-Money Laundering) checks on users so that they can upload their sensitive personal information such as digital ID’s, passwords and bank information without any security issues. The Bitrump app, the web-based application, has an advanced user interface, an interactive dashboard and trading tools which allow users to seamlessly trade in cryptocurrencies.

A seamless way to trade in Cryptocurrencies:

Bitrump offers seamless access and offers a broad spectrum of support for various leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin SV, HCX, several ERC20 tokens, and their trading pairs.

A complete package with a plethora of solutions:

Global users of the platform can trade in many crypto-based assets by using Bitcoins as the base currency, provided they go through the necessary KYC and AML checks required in their respective countries. Bitrump provides opportunities to enterprises with tokenized services to trade on a global exchange, alongside other thoroughly vetted cryptocurrencies.

Xavier Perry, the director of Bitrump said in a statement, “Today global enterprises and startups, interested in starting their own crypto exchanges are looking at ready to use, hassle free crypto exchange software with end to end support. We are in a position to offer these clients complete solutions in terms of their own exchanges complete with all customizable solutions and with the added benefit of not having to go through the hassles of building one.”

The USP’s of the product – what sets it apart from its competitors:

It offers crypto exchanges to customers with the option of having their own brand names through its custom white-label software solutions. It has partnered with global exchanges and leverages its affiliate partnerships to offer various product solutions to clients.

The company pioneers in the development of end to end cryptocurrency exchange software management and has an experienced team of blockchain developers who construct customizable exchange platforms which are scalable according to user’s requirements.

  • The platform can be adapted to different exchange environments and has support for many cryptocurrencies.
  • It offers one of the easiest and quickest ways to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, combined with top-notch support.
  • The competitive rates offered by Bitrump are some of the best in the market compared to other similar platforms.
  • A one-stop solution center for Crypto Trading

Having all of these features, the company is hopeful that enterprises seeking to operate their own exchanges will get the best features and a complete solution for all their crypto exchange operational requirements, all under a single roof.

Mr Perry added,

“The UAE would be the next big destination for blockchain-powered transactions. The government is keen on implementing blockchain technologies like the EMCASH initiative. Cryptocurrencies would become future investment products for the conservative investor, looking to diversify their portfolio away from traditional investment avenues like the real estate, banking, finance, and commodities”

Overall, Bitrump provides a complete package in terms of end to end solutions in exchange platform architecture and associated software support.

About the company:

Bitrump is a leading international digital asset trading platform based in UAE. It supports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, & Tether. Bitrump was founded by blockchain enthusiasts and pioneers. Bitrump’s core team, comprises of professionals from world-renowned internet and finance companies, including the earliest adopters/professionals of cryptocurrencies who have rich experience in blockchain R&D, global operations and associated services in the industry. It is the first fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange based in the UAE. Bitrump is engaging with the central bank of the UAE to formulate a regulatory policy framework for cryptocurrency exchanges operating in the region.


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