Get Crypto Exchange License

The different license options available under the paradigm of Bitrump Exchange are:

  • MEGA
  • PRO

Exchange License Pricing Matrix

Number of Users3333
Number of Offers100,000/hour100,000/hour100,000/hour100,000/hour
License cost / Year (USD) - Web version6,00010,00015,00025,000
License cost / Year (USD) - Mobile5,0008,00012,00021,000
Additional Infra cost to you(approx)/month in USD700700700700
Number of Users5555
Number of Offers200,000/hour200,000/hour200,000/hour200,000/hour
License cost / Year (USD) - Web version11,00018,00026,00042,000
License cost / Year (USD) - Mobile9,00015,00022,00037,000
Additional Infra cost to you(approx)/month in USD1,4001,4001,4001,400
Number of Users7777
Number of Offers300,000/hour300,000/hour300,000/hour300,000/hour
License cost / Year (USD) - Web version16,00026,00037,00059,000
License cost / Year (USD) - Mobile13,00022,00032,00053,000
Additional Infra cost to you(approx)/month in USD2,1002,1002,1002,100
Number of Users9999
Number of Offers400,000/hour400,000/hour400,000/hour400,000/hour
License cost / Year (USD) - Web version21,00035,00054,00093,000
License cost / Year (USD) - Mobile17,00030,00048,00086,000
Additional Infra cost to you(approx)/month in USD2,8002,8002,8002,800

Note : UI changes will cost an additional $5,000 for all options.