White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

We are an ideal example of a systematic, feature enabled crypto exchange software tool

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

Cryptocurrency transactions are stored on blockchain, making way for a decentralized value added exchange. By making a cryptocurrency exchange for yourself, you can participate in the Billion dollar plus market revolution. Once you pick up the nuances of exchange trading, understanding crypto buyer-seller trade relationship becomes easy.

Bitrump is a cryptoexchange development enterprise which pioneers the development of end to end cryptocurrency exchange software to ensure secure and hassle free transactions.

A team of experienced blockchain developers will construct a custom and scalable cryptocurrency exchange platform with primary focus on security, connectivity and a hassle free operational environment. Be a part of the digital asset revolution through Cryptocurrency Exchange Development. Start your journey with us!

Bitrump delivers highly secured and scalable white label solutions to enable high frequency crypto trading along with other digital assets.

  • We set up the exchange along with quick delivery which is ready for usage.
  • Quick liquidity sharing enabled by interconnected network exchanges.
  • Full White Label Exchange solution offered without the need for technical knowledge.
  • Large trading variety pairs.
  • Real time execution of trade.
  • KYC & AML Support.
  • Friendly admin panel
White label crypto exchange

Complete Flexibility

Website and Apps

Inclusive of pre-built, customizable exchange website, a React web app, and native mobile apps having a modern appearance, friendly with iPhone and Android platforms, tablets,desktop and web. UI design offered by us overcomes shortcomings and UX design shortcomings of existing popular exchange applications. The UI supports different languages through a globalization file, inclusive of right-to-left text. The features are inclusive of 2FA, full GDPR compliance, professional charting, technical analysis tools, chat room, news and announcements feed, asset knowledge base, push notifications and more.

Advanced Features

Admins have the capacity to issue new listings, if allowed by law within the jurisdiction. Set your own deposit and withdrawal limits for one user or for all. Offer margin trading with lending. Fractional share trading. Set up trading halts and curbs based on certain criteria to prevent flash crashes. Run Proof of Solvency audit reports to verify reserves. Allow institutional traders to connect through FIX protocol, or allow Dark Pool trading. Maintain an affiliate system to felicitate traders with incentives for referrals, offer automatic trading, expert advisory role, market scanning, social media channel integration, social media sentiment analysis, pattern identification, A.I., chat room and others.

Admin Features

List new assets (tokens for cryptocurrency exchanges), follow live statistics with graphs and gauges for a large number of new user form fill ups per hour, daily trade frequency, average trade size, complete order book information, exchange security status and review other important information like Profit & Loss, OPen Positions, and Account Balances, manage liquidity, manage personal or group level user accounts and a host of other features.

Security Features

Safe Google 2 Way Authentication
Compliant through Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS)
Website data transmitted through Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Safeguard against service Denial and Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
Stop multiple login attempt failure for a fixed time frame
Safeguard from state changing requests and other unwarranted actions from the user's end.
Protecting the exchange from large requests to the server.
Prevent web attack due to the HTTP request safeguarding secret information.

Our Process

Our secured, reliable platform Cointrader ensures exchange operators, admins, token issuers and investors to create numerous revenue streams, global liquidity accessibility and trade multiple valuable currencies.

KYC & Compliance

Understand the client’s business requirements through KYC and compliance discuss customized development agendas based on infrastructure and technology. Create a scalable project timeline along with plan.

White Label Customization

Work in collaboration to develop white label visual identity. Create customized logo and rich graphics for brand portfolio Mock-up client’s web portals and trading platforms.

Software Development

Build compatible engine and Order Management System Create front end stellar output and productivity Integrate APIs and third party service interface.

Performance Optimization

Add cryptocurrencies, fiat tokens, fiat paris and chosen financial products Work in collaboration with us to set up commissions and fees Configure liquidity products and integration of market separators.

Launch Turnkey Exchange Solution
  • Run beta period software
  • Pre-launch beta testing and review
  • Launch personal crypto exchange within a period of 6 weeks along with 24/7 support

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