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What if I told you that according to different financial experts bitcoin might hit from $100,000 to $500,000 per bitcoin in 15-25 years from now. Still not sure? Feel free to contact me for a consultation!
Total USD:

$615 780

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BuyEthereum 5,10% 15.04.2018
sell Ripple 14,80% 15.04.2018
sell Bitcoin 60% 13.04.2018
Buy Bitcoin 13,80% 12.04.2018
Buy Ripple 80% 11.04.2018
Buy NEO 15% 10.04.2018
sell Litecoin 45% 09.04.2018
Buy Ethereum 34% 08.04.2018
sell Bitcoin 12% 07.04.2018
Buy Bitcoin 10% 06.04.2018
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Pair Coin Last Price 24H Change 24H High 24H Low 24H Volume
Pair Coin Last Price 24H Change 24H High 24H Low 24H Volume
Pair Coin Last Price 24H Change 24H High 24H Low 24H Volume
Pair Coin Last Price 24H Change 24H High 24H Low 24H Volume
Pair Coin Last Price 24H Change 24H High 24H Low 24H Volume

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Security on the Platform

Encrypted Keys

All the private keys for the wallets are AES-256 encryption enabled for offline storage.

Password Security

Salted SHA-256 is used for password storage on the database for additional security.

Secure storage

99.5% of the user assets are stored in cold storage secured with multi-signature technology.

Data Transmission

Data transmission happens through encrypted Transport Layer Security and other offline connectivity.

DDOS Protection

Trading outages and system failures are prevented through an advanced distributed architectural setup.

2FA Verification

2FA or Two Factor Authentication is followed for withdrawals or alterations in the account settings.

Bitrump News

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UAE Minister: Crypto and Tokenization Will Be the Key to the Country’s Plans to Double its Economy

In a global technology summit, the minister of economy of the United Arab Emirates stated the nation’s plans to double the economy. According to the minister, “Tokenization and cryptocurrency are likely to be the key to the country’s future.” Let us delve deeper into the…

The Environmental Impact of Cryptocurrency and Its Solutions

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Protect yourself from losing money in crypto operations. During our courses, you can discover the secrets of buying and selling currency to minimize investment risks.
  • Total Crypto Overload – Cryptocurrency Basics and Beyond
  • How to Buy, Sell, and Store Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
  • How to Use the Top 3 Exchanges to Trade Cryptocurrency for a Profit